Easy to Use

CopyWrite CMS is easy to use. We've spent a lot of time with the user interface making it easy to understand, easy to learn and more importantly easy to use. CopyWrite incorporates a new technology that is taking the Internet on by force called AJAX. This is basically a way to make online applications feel and act more like traditional software programs. To us, it's just the best way to make it easy to do certain things.

Easy to Design

Since CopyWrite CMS originated from a design firm, when we sat down in the design stages, we decided up front that it absolutely had to be easy to create and apply new designs to each and every page. So we wrote a template system that can apply a unique design to each and every page. This makes your site extremely configurable. 

With most content management systems, this just isn't the case. You can usually tell when a website is using a content management system because it has a stiff, corporate look and usually looks like a template designed website. This isn't the case with CopyWrite CMS. In fact, you can configure the templates any way you wish with any design you wish! Gone are the days of the template-looking designs!

Search Engine Friendly

CopyWrite CMS has keywords and descriptions built into each and every page. Sure you can configure your site-wide keywords and descriptions, but you can also manage them for each page. This just helps the search engines find out what your page is about.

CopyWrite CMS also has some other things under the hood such as the Dublin Core technology which is what every State of Texas website is supposed to be incorporating according to TAC 206.2.

Also, CopyWrite CMS has incorporated several other things such as search engine friendly URLs and Google Sitemaps to allow you to get indexed even quicker than a traditional website.

Publish to the World!

CopyWrite CMS has a new technology called RSS. RSS is a web feed format that allows you to publish content and a user to subscribe to that feed. It then gives a quick synopsis of the news article to anybody who is subscribed to it. Most modern email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird read RSS feeds. The way we use RSS is to publish our newsletter for our clients.