CopyWrite Content Management System comes fully loaded.

1. Web Calendar: Our web calendar allows you to post upcoming events to your site, keeping your viewers well informed.

CopyWrite Content Management System
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2. Multiple Users: CopyWrite allows for multiple users to access to edit your website. This feature is ideal for large organizations, with many departments to be able to manage their own web content.

3. Dublin Core Meta Technology: CopyWrite features meta technology for search engine optimization. With CopyWrite, each page in your site can have its own unique keywords to match its content.

4. 508 Compliancy: The Americans with Disabilities Act is now virtual. More and more organizations are making the move to 508 compliancy, making the web accessable for all people. We built CopyWrite with Section 508 at the fore.

5. Point-and-Click Web Management: CopyWrite was designed for the non-technical business professional. We've made web management as easy as using a word processor.